Monday, 28 January 2013

Logan's 7

Our latest FL clip, Hoody Showoff, is the seventh from Logan Thomas, and a preview of the full video on his own channel SexyMuscleGod1 . . .

Sub Logan's channel & skype him, too:

Logan's channel is nearing 1000 subs (967 as I type). So if you aren't subscribed yet, help him break the 1k barrier!

His Hoody preview is also approaching 1000 views (currently 910). There's a bit of a race between Hoody and HomeBrewMuscle's Wake Up Flex (on 967 views) to become FL's next 1k+ video :D

Here are the other six videos Logan has on FlexingLads. Their view counts range from 673 to 4024, bringing the total for his seven clips to 12,846 . . .

If you prefer, here's a single link to all 7 of Logan's FL clips. Enjoy, and remember to subscribe, too!

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