Monday, 26 March 2012

FlexingLads videos

If you're new to FlexingLads blog and haven't watched any of our YouTube videos yet, there's a player top right - click on one of the four thumbnails, and the video pops up and plays.

There's also a subscribe button at the very top (and one below!) - help us to grow the channel by subbing, and please also share FL channel url & our videos with friends. It's easy & fast to share via Facebook, Twitter or email.

If you have a site of your own, or post on forums, please put links to our channel and videos there. Better still, use the video embed codes, so that visitors can watch our videos without leaving your site or forum.

(Obviously, you should not spam sites - only post where it's relevant and of interest to that site's visitors or users.)

The great thing about FL channel is: it's many in one. You'll find over a dozen athletes on FL who have their own channels. Please visit them, too, watch their videos, and subscribe :D

Thanks for your support!

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