Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Lean v Max flex off

Who wins the flex off?

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  1. JESUS CHRIST. You are the BIGGEST faggot. The black dude definitely wins this "flex off" for sure, even though neither of you are big at all, nor do you know how to correctly pose.
    P.S. Yes, I am bigger than you are. I would smash you. I've already said something on your Facebook page but since I'm a "hater", you've blocked me from commenting. Thought haters were your motivators? You're a fag dude

  2. Kit, keep being a pedophile faggot and "admiring" this 16 year old kids body. How old are you, 40?

  3. Haha keep following FlexingLads, Kyle, and tell us who you are "admiring". Better still, send us a photo or video, and show how big you are, and how to correctly pose:D

  4. Ok, here ya go!


    Anything else?

  5. Fine, you look good, though not extraordinary. And if you're happy with your physique, I don't understand why you need to diss others.