Saturday, 27 October 2012

Facebook fanpages... promotion... & stats

In a new series, FL will feature FB fanpages of some great young bodybuilders.

A lot of people still miss out on news, photos & videos of these guys because they haven't discovered their FB presence. Some of our blog posts about YouTube channels & videos also include links to FB fanpages. But we think posts that focus on these pages will help boost their popularity.

Blog stats for the last 30 days show that our top source of views is Google, followed closely by Evolution Forum, and - further behind, but still important - TeenMuscleGuys2. This shows FL blog's presence on Google, as well as proving how our promotion on muscle boards works.

Statswise, FL is nearing three landmarks: 2,500 YouTube subscribers, 200,000 video views, and 300,000 blog hits. We need just 4 subs to reach the first, 2,716 views to hit the second, and 8,305 for the third target.

You can help by subscribing on YT if you haven't already (button below), as well as sharing our videos and blog posts on social websites and boards!

The first fanpage posts follow later this evening :D

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