Tuesday, 9 October 2012

"Dirty Harry" is snobs' Man of the Year

Snobby mag Tatler has named Prince "Dirty" Harry their Man of the Year:

In the contents for the November issue, they temp fans to download "Hellraiser, heart-throb and, truth be told, a total sweetie pie: Prince Harry as never seen before" - Orly? Has the Tatler photographer done better than this?

If you want to find out, the mag costs 3.33£ (plus VAT). Our advice is: save your money and wait for Harry's next party striptease :D

The staid military theme of Tatler's cover is a turn off. At least Harry looks like a normal guy on the cover of GQ:

That's probably because GQ aims at a non-elitist audience, with its circulation of 1M - compared to Tatler's 90k.

We wonder who FL viewers would pick as Man of 2012. Is it time for a new poll?

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