Friday, 16 November 2012

Sub FL blog - on YouTube!

Did you know YouTube autogenerates channels? They trawl the web for sites that feature YT videos, then create what looks like a normal channel, but one that's updated automatically each time a site adds another video.

You can sub the channel, then each newly featured video shows up in your YT Subscriptions feed.

Here's the channel generated from FL blog. As you see, we have 60 subs there - more than some proper channels have LOL - but much less than the subs on our own channel, which currently stands at 2,546.

Note that these updates are only for our blog posts that feature embedded videos. You don't get all of FL blog there. And many people don't check their YT subscriptions feeds much. But if you do, subbing our 'blog channel' is one more way to follow us :)

If you're a blog owner, check whether your blog has a YT channel. You can't set one up or ask YT to create one. They only generate them automatically. And it only works with blogs that embed clips. If yours doesn't, you are sadly missing out :(

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